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This funny-looking robot is probably the most popular Buddhist monk in China! He’s only two feet tall, is named Xian’er, and has already attracted a mass of fans on social media!

Little Xian’er is based on a cartoon character created by a Buddhist master at Beijing’s Longquan Temple. The robot’s intelligence system is smart enough to chant Buddhist mantras and interact with people he meets. He can answer up to 100 questions.

Longquan Temple introduced the little bot in 2015 with the hopes of using modern technology to spread Buddhism. In return, they have an unintentional mascot for the temple, that connects well with a younger, digital savvy generation. The robot monk is attracting visitors from all over the country who want to get a glimpse of the adorable little bot.

In addition, the temple set up an animation studio to create cartoons featuring Xian’er and the monks have also made comic books that share the character’s Buddhist wisdom.

Want to meet Xian’er for yourself? Book a flight to Beijing and head to Longquan Temple.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video

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