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The summer tourism season hasn’t even started yet and Spain is struggling to keep up with the tourist demand at their hotels, beaches and control the crowds already arriving.

The cash-strapped countries should be welcoming the influx in tourist numbers and extra cash but some locals are getting tired and fed up with the crowds. In the first two months of this year, tourist numbers were up 11% in Spain compared to the same period in 2015 and authorities predict Spain will hit its fourth record-breaking year in a row for tourist numbers.

While it’s good news for the industry and the country’s economy, which is still recovering from the latest European financial crisis, not everyone is smiling. Locals are already fed up with the crowds of tourists filling their narrow streets and crowding their famous beaches.

In Palma, a popular city on the island of Mallorca, a graffiti appeared saying, “tourist you are the terrorist” and “tourist go home.”

Barcelona’s tourist numbers hit an alarming 7 million last year, compared to the 4.5 million it received a decade ago. The city’s popularity is it’s own worst enemy.

Are you heading to Spain this summer? Which cities are you planning to explore?

Image: you ARE the terrorists by Amy / Flickr cc.

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