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Lines at airport security have been a hot topic this year, with the TSA introducing measures to reduce waiting times after complaints earlier this year. If you really want to skip the queues, these are the airports to avoid!  

Time magazine set out to find out which US airports were the worst for queues at security, looking at all 118 airports which saw over 500,000 passengers in 2015.

Now, the results have been revealed! Thanks to data provided by the Transportation Security Administration, we can now check out the worst – and best – airports in terms of delays at security. A delay is defined as a wait of 20 minutes or more – check out the full list of results here!

Hawaii’s Kona International at Keahole airport was the worst offender, with 17.5 delays per 100,000 passengers. Ted Stevens Anchorage International came in second, with 10.9 delays per 100,000 passengers and New York’s LaGuardia took third place with 10.2 delays per 100,000 passengers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Piedmont Triad International saw the fewest delays with a meagre 0.25, whilst Albuquerque International Sunport and Hilo International tied for second with 0.31.

The good news is TSA lines are getting shorter.

IMG: München Airport Security Check, Quan the Pooh! / Flickr cc.

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