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For nervous fliers, this new app could be the answer: explaining what’s going on during your flight in real time, it aims to allay the fears of those scared of flying. 

The SkyGuru app was created by pilot, aviation psychologist and aerophobia expert Alex Gervash. It provides real time information about what to expect during your flight, letting you know what’s happening and why.

Through features such as turbulence forecast, weather information and an explanation of any unfamiliar sounds heard during your flight, the app aims to take the unknown out of the flying experience to reassure users that what they’re hearing or experiencing is, in fact, totally normal.

You won’t need data or in-flight Wi-Fi to use the app: instead, SkyGuru downloads all the information it needs before your flight so you can use it in airplane mode whilst in the air.

Reviews on the app store are generally positive, with one user writing “An absolute must have for people with fear of flying or for just those interested in how it all works…it felt like sitting next to a pilot!”.

The app is available on iOS only for now and you can download it on iTunes for $19.99.

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