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So what exactly does it take for a photo to be worth $8.8 million? This image of Italy’s famous volcano, Mount Vesuvius, is on sale for just that! 

The undeveloped color film negative depicts Mount Vesuvius framed by a perfectly formed rainbow in May this year. The event, which occurred on the afternoon of May 20, saw the volcano framed by a rainbow in an unusual and stunning natural display.

Unsurprisingly, the scene caused many to whip out their cameras and cell phones to capture the moment. However, photographer Giovanni Scotti is hoping that the medium of his image will set it apart from the rest: it is, he writes, “the only incontrovertible proof of what really happened that day”. Suggesting that the images taken through digital means are believed by some to have been “somebody’s stunt or a photomontage”,

Taken with a Pentax 67 analog camera, Scotti has placed the film negative on eBay – it could be yours for the cool sum of €8 million, or $8.8 million!

Mount Vesuvius is known around the world as the volcano which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD79. The two towns were also preserved by the eruption and can still be visited to this day – book flights to Italy to discover the unique piece of history!

IMG: Mount Vesuvius., Tom Lee KelSo / Flickr cc.



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