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It might not be luxurious but it’s certainly one way to find cheap accommodation in New York. The latest alternative Airbnb listing? A New York taxi cab! 

That’s right: one of New York’s now iconic yellow taxi cabs has been kitted out with sleeping facilities and is available to rent for $39 a night. Owner Jonathan Powley writes on his Airbnb listing that the taxi has been “renovated into a swanky yellow-and-black-themed lodging unit” complete with bed, pillows and a portable fan.

There may not be electricity or running water, but thanks to its location in Long Island City, Powley assures potential guests that there’s a great view over the Manhattan skyline as well as proximity to New York’s popular attractions.

“Who needs a 2500 square foot pad, when you can enjoy a spacious 64 square feet of Black and Yellow tranquility”, he asks? With 16 reviews so far, earning him a solid 4 stars on Airbnb, it seems that there are those who would agree.

Would you stay in a taxi cab in New York?

IMG: … only in New York City ( day time ), Prayitno / Thank you for (11 millions +) views / Flickr cc.

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