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On August 21, the moon will cover the sun and a total solar eclipse will occur from coast to coast across the US. The first time for this to happen in 99 years, it may come as no surprise that many are eager to see the eclipse as clearly as possible! Here’s where – and when – to check it out.

The complete solar eclipse will take place along a path of totality, with a length of 70 miles: anywhere along this line will allow for a great view of the event, clear skies depending. Along this line of totality, the moon will completely cover the sun for around 2 and a half minutes: if you’re planning to head there to watch the Great American Eclipse, be sure to wear protective eyewear (normal sunglasses don’t count, as they aren’t protective enough).

Cities along the line of totality include Lincoln City, where the eclipse will begin, through Kansas City, to Charleston where the eclipse will end. To help see exactly where the eclipse will be at its best, NASA have created an interactive map showing where and when to look to the skies.

9:05am PDT will be the first sign of the eclipse; it will reach totality in Lincoln City at 10:16am PDT, ending in Charleston at 2:48 pm EDT.

Will you be checking out the solar eclipse this year?

IMG: Solar Eclipse / Pixabay

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