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America’s favorite airline, as chosen by frequent fliers and industry pros, has been revealed – and there’s a very clear winner!

According to a YouGov survey, Southwest is the preferred airline of both frequent fliers and travel industry professionals, with both naming the low cost carrier their favorite airline in the US. In conducting the study, a number of travel industry workers and frequent flyers were asked to name their favorite airline – and, while both groups answered slightly differently, there’s one common result: Southwest came out on top in both cases.

For travel industry employees, including those working in restaurants, hotels and accommodation, Southwest took 35% of the vote. With a friendly baggage policy (travelers can check two bags in for free, which is very generous – especially for a low cost carrier) and reputation for being an airline which cares, it may come as no surprise that Southwest took first place.

In second place was American Airlines, with 15% of the votes, while Delta Air Lines came in third with 11%. They were follower by United Airlines (8%), JetBlue Airways (8%) and Virgin Atlantic (6%).

When it came to frequent fliers – or, more specifically, members of travel rewards programs, the results were slightly different. 27% of those asked named Southwest as their favorite airline; 21% chose Delta, while 18% named American Airlines. United (10%), JetBlue (8%) and Alaska Airlines (6%) rounded off the top 6.

Which is your favorite airline?

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