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More and more cities across the world are becoming increasingly vegan friendly, thanks to the growing popularity of adopting a plant based diet. If you’re planning a trip to Europe and wondering where to go for the best vegan experience, this study has the answer!

Holidu, a vacation lettings comparison website, took a look at cities across Europe in order to assess which are the most vegan-friendly. Considering the availability of restaurants and cafés catering to vegans in relation to population size, Europe’s best cities for a vegan vacation have been revealed.

In first place is Amsterdam, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian friendly eateries across the city. Paris came in second, proving France’s cuisine caters to a range of dietary requirements; the Portuguese city of Lisbon is in third place. Check out the full list below.

The 10 Most Vegan Friendly Cities In Europe

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Paris
  3. Lisbon
  4. Stockholm
  5. Berlin
  6. Copenhagen
  7. Prague
  8. Vienna
  9. Oslo
  10. London
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One response to “These Are Europe’s Most Vegan Friendly Cities

  1. I think you can find vegan meals and restaurants everywhere. A friend of mine travelled this summer in Eatern Europe and she had no problems with the food. Even though that the eatern europeans love to eat lots of meat.

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