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A hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, has revealed a new suite kitted out to look like the inside of a space station. If you’re a fan of all things extra-terrestrial then you’ll be in heaven, or rather space, when you see Grand Kameha’s new suite.

German artist Michael Najjar, who has been training for a civilian journey to space, incorporates this theme into most of his work.

He wanted to create an immersive environment for the guests and designed everything with that in mind. The room comes equipped with a ‘zero gravity bed’ which he built to look like it’s floating, spotlights inspired by rocket engines, a space glove shelf, books and film related to space travel and a live news stream to International Space Station and NASA TV.

Costing $2000 a night, this suite is for guests who want more than just a hotel room – they want to full space experience, along with the room you also get breakfast, space amenities upon arrival, 1.5 hours body flying/ 1 hour flight simulation in an A320, a signed book of Michael Najjar’s work and a chance to visit him in his Berlin studio.

IMG: NASA Goddard Photo and Video / Flickr cc.

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