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According to a study by AirHelp, these are the best airlines in the world – did your favorite make the list?

Taking a look at 78 airlines from around the world, online flight delays compensation company AirHelp has ranked them all from best to worst, giving us a comprehensive list of the world’s top airlines. Factors considered included “On-Time Performance”, “Claim Processing” and “Quality & Service”, based on data from a number of sources including Skytrax.

Now the results are in. In first place is Qatar Airways, with high scores across the board including a 10 in Quality & Service – suggesting that if you want to be looked after, this is the airline for you!

Italian airline Air Dolomiti is in second whilst Austrian Airlines, Singapore Airlines and KLM complete the top 5.

Here in the US, the top three airlines were ranked as United, American and Delta respectively.

You can check out the full list here: which is your favorite airline?

IMG: Qatar Airways, Juanedc / Flickr cc.

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