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Listen to this extraordinary song sung by Ylvis, which is about one man’s story of struggle, determination and hope. Gabriel Nderitu is an IT-engineer who is passionate about planes, he has made fourteen attempts to get his self-made planes off the ground with no success.

Ylvis want to help him build his fifteenth by giving him an engine which is known as “The Horse Power King”, the brand new Rotax 914 engine would give him the best chance to succeed.

The band created this music video to rally fans and support from all over the world to donate to the cause. The duo urges people to show their support by sharing the hashtag #EngineforGabriel and uploading their video messages of support.

The video is hilarious, and even calls on the founder of Norwegian airlines for advice, asking him where is Gabriel going wrong?

Watch the inspiring story below!

IMG: video screenshot

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