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Mumbai ban selfies in sixteen areas that have been deemed too dangerous to take selfies, this has come into effect in order to stop preventable accidents and deaths for happening.

Several accidents, some fatal, have occurred in Bombay when people tried taking selfies by the sea. Because of this, the local police identified high risk areas of the city. They plan to install signs to alert people of the danger that can present itself when you are distracted trying to nail that perfect pose.

An 18 year old girl tragically drowned on January 9 after falling overboard whilst taking a picture; this incident prompted Mumbai police to intervene.

But this is not the first selfie free zone in India, some have already been established in religious places and a movement called ‘selfie to die for’ was launched by Deepak Gandhi to try to educate people about the risks associated with reckless selfies.

Photo:  Youngsters enjoying the rains in Mumbai, India by travel photography  / Flickr cc.

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