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A year-and-a-half old kitty called Kuli is making a splash all over the internet with his epic surfing skills.

Kuli was adopted by roommates Krista and Alexandra when he was only 6 months old, after he had an operation to remove his eye, Kuli became accustomed to bathing and learning to love the water.

Kuli was found severely malnourished on the street, weighing under a pound, and had a bad eye infection in one of his eyes that had to be removed.

Once he was back to health his owners began integrating their new pet into their active lifestyle, starting with walking on the beach to eventually surfing. They even taught him to swim with a life jacket, but now he’s more confident he barely uses it.

The girls took baby steps when it came to teaching Kuli to surf, starting on their boards, floating on his own boogie board, and then before they knew it he was surfing independently in beautiful surfing destinations.

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