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While flowers are a great way to greet someone at the airpot, nothing says, “I love you” more than a gift hand-delivered by a flight attendant mid-flight. United Airlines is doing just that with their new “Celebrate” program.

It’s all about the personal touches and the little details and what better way to welcome someone home or send someone off than with a gift during their flight? With the new “Celebrate” program, people can buy a gift from duty free online and have it hand-delivered with a personalized note to a passengers onboard any United international flight that is departing from the US. All you need is the person’s name and their flight number.

How about a bottle of champagne delivered to a couple departing on a flight to London for their honeymoon, or a box of chocolates? Or something more practical like a neck pillow for those long flights to Oz, or more luxurious like a piece of jewelry? Just remember that it’s illegal to open duty free alcohol onboard, but chocolates are a total go.

The new initiative is inspired by the golden age of travel when couples would receive surprise bottles of champagne when they departed on their honeymoon. Currently, United is the only airline with a gift-giving service.

Img: Toast by Dave Clements / Flickr cc.

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