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The Caribbean, always a good spot to spend a vacation, are enjoying a huge boom in tourism lately. Airlines have been adding routes, hotels have been getting face-lifts and island trips are at the top of traveler’s lists.

Last year the Caribbean welcomes 7% more tourists than the previous year; that growth was higher than any other region in the world and was nearly double the average for global tourism growth in 2015, which was 4.4% according to the World Tourism Organization.

So, what is the Caribbean’s recipe for success? It comes down to a number of factors, the first of which: people have more disposable income now that the world economy has levelled out. Second, airline routes. Jet Blue added flights to Curacao, Granada and Barbados from the US last year, and has plans to add flights to Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale this summer.

Delta also increased its air capacity to Belize and St. Croix. The strong dollar is also tempting Americans to pack their bags with flip flops and sunscreen and head for sunnier climes. Americans made up almost half of the visitors to the Caribbean last year.

Where to go in the Caribbean?

  • Tobago: for loads of secluded beaches, especially Englishman’s Bay.
  • Curacao: for underwater adventures, including coral reefs and sunken ships.
  • Barbados: for swimming and sunbathing; Crane Beach is one of the world’s 10 best beaches
  • Belize: for jungles, waterfalls and mountain trekking
  • Suriname: for an off-the-beaten-path experience
Img: Petit Tabac by _dChris / Flickr cc.

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