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Imagine a flight with no security delays, extra fees and no waiting around in the airport. With a private jet you arrive 15 minutes before your flight departs and hop straight on. No complications or worries – easy.

Thanks to Tradewind Shuttle, a small private jet company that serves Northeast US and the Caribbean, boarding a private jet may not be as expensive as you think. You can buy a seat on a small eight seat Tradewind jet for as little as $250 each way.

It isn’t “private” in the sense you will have the whole jet to yourself, but sharing a flight with only 7 other passengers is a luxury that us common folk could only dream off.

Tradewind has been operating since 2005, the service is particularly good for frequent business travelers as you will not encounter any penalties if you miss your flight, want to change your flight or would like to pass the ticket to someone else.

Direct flights between New York’s Westchester airport and Boston’s Logan airport start at $350 each way and direct flights between Westchester and Stowe, Vermont start at $395 each way.

Compared to commercial flights Tradewind is more expensive; however you are paying for convenience, comfort and time – which surely are priceless?

IMG: AW9FYG by sam_churchill / Flickr cc. 

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