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Love your food, and looking for the best city in the US to have the ultimate culinary experience? You may want to head to New York, as a new travel report has named it the top foodie city across the country.

Research firm Resonance has taken a look at the best culinary cities across the US, and the results are in: for anyone who loves both food and travel, this list is a must read. In compiling the list, Resonance took a look at the number of Good and Very Good reviews on TripAdvisor to be found in a destination, in its Restaurants and Food & Drink categories.

The top culinary city in the US? New York, which is home not only to the world’s best restaurant (Eleven Madison Park), but also 77 Michelin starred restaurants and a number of hidden gems. In second place is Los Angeles, followed by Orange County in third.

The study also found a number of perhaps surprising results: Las Vegas, for example, was able to take a place in the top 10 (coming in at number 8), thanks to the emergence of interesting eateries and talented chefs.

The Top 10 Culinary Cities In The US

  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Orange County
  4. Chicago
  5. Houston
  6. San Francisco
  7. San Diego
  8. Las Vegas
  9. Seattle
  10. Portland, OR
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