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Uluru, also known as the Australian Outback’s legendary Ayers Rock, has been filmed by drone for the first time ever. The result is a unique and awesome perspective of this sacred Aboriginal site.

The images were captured with the help of a drone and with the authorization of the Aboriginal community of Anangu, the traditional owners of the National Park of Uluru-Kata Tjuta.

The monument, standing at 348m tall, is a sacred site for Aboriginals in the region and the influx of tourists (around 400,000 per year) has caused a certain amount of controversy amongst the locals. Many consider climbing the rock formation to be sacrilege – the equivalent, in fact, to climbing on the altar of a church.

The images allow for a unique opportunity to discover up close the sacred rock whilst remaining respectful of Aboriginal beliefs and customs. Climbing Ayers Rock is not prohibited, however Explore Uluru writes that “Anangu ask as visitors to their land that you respect their wishes, culture and law by not climbing Uluru”. You can check out the footage on the Explore Uluru Facebook page.

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