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Would you ever let an airline choose your vacation destination for you? Well, Lufthansa wants to do just that with its new spontaneous blind booking offers.

Part of the joy of traveling is the chance for spontaneous situations and surprises. You never know who you’ll meet on the way but one thing is for certain: your destination. Lufthansa wants travelers to feel a bit more spontaneous so they’re offering to choose your destination for you, based on your personality.

It’s called…

Lufthansa Surprise!

It’s a bit like a Kinder Surprise but a lot more fun! The Lufthansa Surprise option now lets you book a flight to a surprise destination. The first step is to choose one of the nine categories, each of which comes up with 7-12 cities. If there’s a city you ABSOLUTELY do not want to go to, you can de-select the option but you need to give the airline at least two options in any category.

Once you select your category and city, you choose your travel dates, which can be flexible or specific, for flights departing anywhere from 1 to 42 days in advance. Flights in each category start at €89 ($99).

Here’s where you can go:

  • Nature: Gdansk, Stockholm, Geneva, Helsinki, Zurich, Rostock-Laage, Larnaca, Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg
  • Sun & Sand: Izmir, Bilbao, Triest, Naples, Gdansk, Genoa, Ancona, Stockholm, Nice, Marseille
  • Bromance: Amsterdam, Manchester, Hamburg, Dublin, Warsaw, Belgrade, Prague, Poznan, Lviv, Krakow, Sarajevo
  • Cities: Berlin, Rome, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Warsaw, Bucharest, Brussels, Budapest, Zagreb, Belgrade, Athens
  • Sightseeing & Culture: Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Basel, Poznan, Dresden, Lviv, Krakow, Sibiu, Wroclaw, Toulouse
  • Gourmet cuisine: Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Madrid, Brussels, Lyon, Graz
  • Partying: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Turin, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Birmingham, Prague, Lyon
  • Romance: Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Budapest, Prague, Pisa
  • Shopping: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Manchester, Rome, Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Turin

Currently “Lufthansa Surprise” is only available from Frankfurt am Main and Munich but with more cheap flights to Europe than ever before, it may just be the perfect spontaneous side-trip your Euro-adventure needs!

Image: Lufthansa by Priit Tammets / Flickr cc.

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