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We’ve previously shared how much we love the #FollowMeTo travel photo series on Instagram by duo Murad and Nataly Osmann. Well, another couple has also been inspired but they show a different side of story.

Every good thing makes a great basis for parody and Taiwanese interior designer, Forrest Lu, is the first to take the #FollowMeTo photos to another level. Lu found himself with thousands of new fans this week the photos of his wife dragging him about on their travels to Hawaii went viral.

Lu confessed he wanted to take pictures of them holding hands just like the “Follow Me To” ones, but his wife had another idea… and didn’t want their photos to look like someone else’s.

Since then, their Facebook album has gathered thousands of Likes and have appeared on dozens of lifestyle and news sites in China and around the world.

Picture perfect

The other side of the story



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