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The list was compiled by the Reputation Institute based on 48,000 surveys conducted in over 70 countries.

Every year the Reputation Institute publishes its ranking of the countries with the best reputation in the world. The 2016 list was compiled with the help of 48,000 surveys carried out in over 70 countries. The factors taken into account in creating the list include political stability and economic and social progress.

In top place is Sweden, which is joined in the top 10 by other Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Norway. Canada is in second place, with Australia in third.

Check out the top 10 below – you can read the entire study here.

1. Sweden

Snow covered city Sweden

2. Canada

Canada city hot air balloon

3. Switzerland

Chalet village in Swizterland

4. Australia

Sydney harbor bridge Australia

5. Norway

Northern Lights Norway lake

6. Finland

Boats on lake Finland

7. New Zealand

Lake New Zealand aerial view

8. Denmark

Copenhagen harbor Denmark

9. Ireland

Castle in Dublin Ireland

10. Netherlands

Bikes by Amsterdam canal Netherlands

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