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WOW air is introducing flights from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Iceland in June 2017 and to celebrate, the airline is offering fares from $99 one way! 

Tickets went on sale yesterday for the airline’s latest routes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. From here, passengers can connect to a number of European destinations including Paris, London and Berlin. Prices for such routes start at just $149.99 one way meaning you can enjoy an affordable vacation to Europe!

Four weekly flights will operate between the two cities, meaning super low cost flights from Pittsburgh to Europe are accessible on a number of travel dates.

The low cost airline recently added a number of US cities to its flight map and passengers can depart from destinations including Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Boston.

The flights will commence on June 16, 2017 so what are you waiting for? Book those super cheap flight tickets and take a trip to Europe for an incredible price!

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