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Airplane turbulence isn’t something many travelers enjoy and it looks like, thanks to climate change, it could become even more common!

Jet streams are responsible for “clear air turbulence” and can be found in areas of significant temperature difference. They’re often unpredictable and now global warming looks set to have an impact on how they occur, with warmer temperatures increasing their strength.

The findings are part of a study conducted by Dr Paul Williams of the University of Reading. The result? Air turbulence could increase up to 188% (although it could also only increase 36%. So there’s that.).

Fortunately, air turbulence is largely nothing to worry about. Pilots are well trained and experienced in dealing with it and it’s often more of a minor inconvenience than anything to be concerned about. They share reports of turbulence among themselves and airlines such as American and Alaska are working to improve the sensors which can detect turbulence.

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