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Get off the beaten track in a U.S. National Park, thanks to this handy website from GPS company TomTom.

The U.S. boasts a number of beautiful National Parks which, thanks to their increasing popularity, are becoming busy hotspots for nature lovers. Now, GPS company TomTom wants to help you get away from the crowds and explore off the beaten path.

To do this, they’ve launched a website in collaboration with the National Parks Service, which provides a number of potential trails around National Parks across the country.

The website offers lesser known routes around popular parks such as Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, as well as sharing trails in parks you may not know so well, from Joshua Tree to Lassen Volcanic.

Routes can be viewed online and downloaded for use on mobile devices which support GPS.

The best news? Over a number of dates throughout the year, you can visit a National Park – free of charge! Check out the full list of dates here.

IMG: Yosemite / Pixabay

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