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Uber has faced a number of limitations on its operation in countries throughout Europe recently. Now, Italy has become the first country to ban the transportation company completely.

A lawsuit filed recently against Uber by Italy’s major taxi associations was ruled upon Monday in an Italian court in Rome. The verdict? Uber is now banned throughout Italy and must cease operation within 10 days of the ruling.

According to the court, Uber serves as unfair competition for Italian taxi drivers and doesn’t abide by transportation rules by acting as a transportation company yet not adhering to transportation laws. Taxi rates in Italy are decided by the transportation authority; Uber, on the other hand, doesn’t abide by these rates meaning taxi drivers are unable to compete. Uber plans to appeal the verdict, however for now its future in Italy is in jeopardy.

So if you’re headed for Italy and were planning to take an Uber from the airport, you may need to readjust your plans.

IMG: Rome / Pixabay


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