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Miami’s Little Havana is already a great way to get a taste of Cuba without leaving the US: now, it’s set to get even better with the addition of its very own museum.

Set over three square miles, Miami’s Little Havana is a hub of Cuban culture in the city. After a number of Cubans left the country with the rise of Fidel Castro to power in 1959, many settled in this neighborhood and today, it’s home to plenty of great Cuban and hispanic eateries and cultural activities.

Now, the neighborhood is set to get even better as a museum, which will tell the story of the neighborhood since it was first created over 100 years ago, will open in late 2017. El Museo de Little Havana will go further than the Cuban history of the area in looking at the neighborhood’s origins, and is the result of a collaboration between the HistoryMiami Museum and the Barlington Group.

While there’s no definite opening date yet, the museum is expected to open in late 2017 and if the rumours are true, entry will be free.

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