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Experience your own night at the museum and explore California Academy of Science exhibitions after-hours and have the wildest sleepover of your life. When the lights go out, lay back in your sleeping bag and watch your new friends swim above you as you drift off to sleep.

Before it is time for lights out you and your child will have the chance to explore the exhibitions in a unique and intimate way: discover the depths of the ocean, fight through the dense rain forest and blast off into outer space at your own private planetarium show.

Come bed time, you’ll be that tired out from all the adventure and exploring you’ll be super happy to settle down with the aquatic penguins or snappy crocodiles – all for the small cost of $89 – $109 per person.

It may seem a little pricey but this really is a unique experience that you and your child will remember forever.

Dates: Friday, February 12. Saturday, February 27 (Boy Scout exclusive.) Saturday, March 12 (Boy Scout Exclusive.) Friday, April 8 (Girl Scout exclusive.) Friday, April 29 (Girl Scout exclusive.) Friday, May 27. Saturday, June 18.

IMG: 106 by kylen.louanne / Flickr cc.

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