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Gone are the days of over sized road maps and bulky city guides, in today’s traveling sphere all you need is one smartphone in your pocket with the right kind of apps and all your traveling hiccups could be solved in an instant.

Check out our favorite travel apps this year to make travel in 2016 super smooth.

Google Translate

The app allows you to visually translate printed text in 27 languages; it’s great for those everyday language barriers and works instantly. Just open the app, point your camera in the right direction and the text will translate in front of your eyes. The app is really useful if you want to translate – a street sign, ingredient list, instruction manual or a menu. The translation will pop up on your phone live, in all the other language. The best feature about this app is that no internet connection or cell phone data is needed; ideal for those who don’t want to pay for internet whilst traveling.


Self-proclaim as “The new and vivid life sharing experience” this ambitious app creates a digital journal of your travels in an interactive map. The app follows you and logs your location and the exact route you took. You are able to add pictures, videos, audio and text along the way, transforming it into an interactive multimedia travel journal. In addition it has features to monitor your speed and altitude, making it great for adventure travelers.


Citymapper is the more detailed version of Google Maps with extensive public transport information. The app combine all available transit to find the best and quickest route: subway / metro, bus, train, Uber, rail, ferry and bike share. The app tells you in real life the directions, departure times and disruption alerts. It is currently available in around 30 cities worldwide: Berlin, Rome, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles and many more major cities.This app is an essential download when you book your romantic trip to Rome for Valentines Day. Remember: there’s nothing sexy about getting lost.

XE Currency

With over 20 million downloads since its launch, XE app has been a huge hit among travelers. And it’s no great surprise as XE is the go-to site for currency conversions. It has a lot of business-oriented features but for the average traveler it is best used in its simplest form, and take advantage of the feature that allows you to convert every world currency. The app also functions offline by saving the last currency update, which is great for travelers who are hopping from one Wi-Fi connection to another.

IMG: iphone 4 apps by Sean MacEntee / Flickr cc.

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