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Social travel is on the rise and, according to a recent study, if you’re looking for a destination with a vibrant social scene, then these cities are the places to go!

Thanks to a study carried out by accommodation booking website Hostelworld, the most sociable cities in the world have been revealed – and it looks like Europe and the U.S. are the places to go!

Over 12,000 residents from 39 major cities across the world were quizzed on their social behaviour and attitudes. Factors such as socialising with friends, eating out and partying were all featured in the study, allowing an insight into just how sociable each city is. Now, the results are in!

These are the 10 most sociable cities in the world:

1. Gothenburg, Sweden

2. Stockholm, Sweden

3. Chicago, USA

4. Boston, USA

5. New York, USA

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

7. Madrid, Spain

8. Rome, Italy

9. Hamburgh, Germany

10. Dublin, Ireland

As an increasing number of travelers focus on the social experience in a destination, rather that its cultural offerings, the results suggest that Sweden is the place to be, with two city’s from the Scandinavian country topping the list! If you’re looking for social vacation spots you can visit without a passport, you’re also in luck with three U.S. cities rounding off the top 5. Chicago, Boston and New York all ranked highly in terms of their culinary scene – making them all great destinations for foodies!

Party animals should head to Moscow, Madrid and Gothenburg while anyone hoping to experience a liberal and open minded culture will feel at home in Milan, Rome and Hamburg.

Marek Mossakowski, Global Head of Brand at Hostelworld, said of the study that “Social travel experiences are a driving force behind people’s reason to travel…Our new study offers a window into the social lives of the people who live in the world’s big cities, showing many fascinating variations between styles and cultures of socialising around the world.”

What do you think of the results?

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