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Airplane food: love it or hate it, it’s a reality of air travel we all have to experience during both long and short haul flights. What we’re served on board has changed a lot over the years, and a group of brutally honest kids got to try it all – and offer their thoughts on airline food over the past 100 years!

In a video created by YouTube channel Bon Appétit, this group of kids tried food which would have been served as an in flight lunch option from the last century and gave their honest feedback.

From the 1920s to the present day, including what Amelia Earhart would have eaten on her iconic solo trip across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s all there – and some may surprise you!

From the canned army rations of Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight in the 1920s, via the more luxurious fare of the middle of the century, to today’s healthier portions – these kids tried and evaluated it all. 

What do you think about airline food today?

IMG: Business Class Inflight Meal – Singapore Airlines, Matt@PEK / Flickr cc.

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