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It’s hard to imagine how many times the great monuments of the world have been captured on film. How many tourists have tried to immortalize the Mona Lisa, photograph the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty or Rio’s Christ the Redeemer?  Photographer Oliver Curtis has decided to offer a different perspective on some of the world’s most iconic monuments – by turning his back on them before pressing the shutter button. 

Taking photographs facing away from the many wonders of the world is the brainchild of Oliver Curtis, a British photographer whose upcoming exhibition Volte-face opens in September 2016 at London’s Royal Geographical Society. On display? Images offering a different view of some of the most touristic places on earth.

The Mona Lisa photography
The Mona Lisa
The Statue of Liberty in New York
The Statue of Liberty
The Eiffel Tower in Paris
The Eiffel Tower
The Great Wall of China photography
The Great Wall of China
Christ the Redeemer in Rio photography
Christ the Redeemer

 Discover the entire series on Oliver Curtis’ website

Photos: Oliver Curtis.

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