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It’s one of the most iconic buildings in the world and you could soon be able to spend the night in it: the Sydney Opera House has applied for permission to host sleepovers!

The Opera House has submitted a proposal to offer up to two nights’ accommodation to five guests, five times a year. There are also plans to offer two nights’ accommodation to 100 guests just once a year.

The proposal states that there will be no external change to the building and outlines plans to offer six rooms as sleepover locations: the Board Room, Utzon Room, Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyers, Joan Sutherland Theatre Southern Foyer, Concert Hall Northern Foyers and Concert Hall South Foyers.

Spaces will be fitted out with furnishings sympathetic to the building’s heritage, such as pillows, blankets and “hotel style furnishings”.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most famous concert halls, receiving over 8 million visitors a year.

Local Sydney residents have been asked for their views on the proposals and have until October 24 to put forward their views. If the plans go ahead, this could be one of the world’s ultimate sleepover venues!

IMG: Vivid Sydney Opera House, Marc Dalmulder / Flickr cc.


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