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There’s nothing like the feeling of finding you’ve been allocated the middle seat on your flight. One hotel in California understands the struggle that goes alongside this, and is hoping to make the situation a little easier – by offering free room upgrades to guests who flew in the middle seat!

The Santa Monica based Shore Hotel has introduced a new initiative aiming to ease the pain of flying in the middle seat. The hotel benefits from an ocean front location, looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Anyone who can show proof that they flew in a middle seat to arrive at the hotel, will be given a one room category upgrade to an ocean view room! Sounds like a pretty good deal to us…


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The offer is available between March 1 to May 26, 2017 and travelers will need a pre-existing booking to take advantage of the room upgrades. The offer isn’t open to those who flew business or first class either – you’ll need to have a coach class ticket to benefit.

Flying to Santa Monica? Make sure to search and compare flights on to geat the best deal – middle seat or not!

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