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Want to travel to the destination of your dreams, and pay only $10 a night for accommodation? For certain cities, that sounds a little unrealistic – but with Flip My Room, it’s a genuine option.

Flip My Room is a room to room exchange website; a way to share your home with people from around the world – and get the same in return. The idea is simple: for just $10 a night, you can ‘rent’ the spare room of your host, meaning you could end up staying in cities such as Barcelona, London and Rome for next to nothing.

In the spirit of room exchange, you’ll need to list your own spare room too – and be willing to host people in it. However, you may not end up hosting the person whose spare room you rented, as with Flip My Room the idea is simply that everyone offers up space for travelers to stay, creating a social travel community. It’s also free to join!

IMG: Screenshot of Flip My Room website

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