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2016 is set to be the year of the Inflatable travel hoodie – the number one travel accessory (according to Kickstarter.) And it seems that we agree, the campaign still has a week to go and it has raised more than $120,000.

Last year saw some pretty awesome travel gear inventions on the crowd funding website, Kickstarter. In 2014 we lived in a world without the lipstick-sized travel charger and the Swiss Army knife of jackets – how did travelers manage?

This year, we have an inflatable travel hoodie which has been described as “The World’s Best Sleep Hoodie” which help you catch up on your sleep, comfortably, whilst you’re on the road or catching your cheap flight to Las Vegas.

The Hypnos Hoodie works by simply inflating the hood yourself (by blowing a tube), when you would like a snooze. The pillow is removable so you are able to wear the hoodie as a normal garment.

With six days to go until the end of the campaign, The Hypnos Hoodie still has time to surpass its $30,000 target even further.

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