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Touted as the ‘Netflix of plane travel’, a new company called OneGo is planning to redefine airtravel, like Netflix redefined movies, on a monthly subscription basis.

Mainly geared towards business travelers, OneGo, offers unlimited travel within the United States via all major U.S airlines.

However there are many rules and restrictions as to fixed monthly prices and the flight routes you can take. Also additional fees could be added for cancellations, luggage etc.

The travel options are broken down into regions, and if you would like a national plan to travel anywhere within the United States you’ll be paying $2,950 a month.

Cheaper options are available: West region ($1,500 per month: 35 routes and 14 airports), Central ($1,950 per month: 35 routes and 18 airports) and East ($2,300 per month: 158 routes and 39 airports.)

IMG: … servus Bayern! by mhobl / Flickr cc.

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