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The Naples pizzeria made famous in the book (and movie) Eat, Pray, Love is opening another shop – in London! 

It’s the pizzeria responsible for sparking a love affair between Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert – played by Julia Roberts in the film adaptation – and her pizza, as she visits Naples in search of the best pie in Italy. Now, visitors to London will also be able to get in on the action as L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is opening a second branch in England’s capital.

The classic Neapolitan pizzeria has been open since 1930, serving pizza from the same location for over 80 years. The new branch, set to open at 125 Church Street, Stoke Newington in London, will offer Londoners and tourists alike the chance to try its world famous pizza.

It’s set to open February 3 at 125 Church Street, Stoke Newington – and given its strong reputation, we’d say this is one to add to your itenerary on your next trip to London!

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