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You Can Dine Out In An Airplane At This Restaurant In India

Usually, eating in an airplane is not an experience many look forward to. But this restaurant in India is hoping patrons will feel differently – it’s located in an unused Airbus! 

Found in the Indian city of Ludhiana, Hawai Adda is a restaurant with a difference. New Delhi based Hands Hospitality took a junk Airbus 320 and renovated it over the space of a year to create a restaurant seating 72 patrons, meaning visitors can eat a meal in a passenger plane on the ground.


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  Hawai Adda, which means ‘airport’ in Hindi, serves vegetarian food as well as comprising a café, a bakery and a hall with space for up to 40 people. Photos from the restaurant’s Instagram show a luxurious interior a million miles away from what you might expect in a passenger plane! If you want to eat a meal in a pretty unique setting, it’s time to book those cheap flights to India.    

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