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Teaming up with Ancestry DNA, British Airways helped a trio of sisters meet for the first time ever in this tear-jerking video.

Born in Britain during WW2 and raised by adoptive parents, Mandy Shore had no idea who her birth parents were until very recently. After completing a DNA test with Ancestry DNA, it turned out that her father had been an American G.I. during the war, whilst her mother had lived near an American air force base.

After the war, Mandy’s father returned to the U.S., married and had two daughters – all the while apparently oblivious to her existence! After doing some digging, Mandy managed to track down her two sisters – Lynn Garner and Ann Burrage, who live in Texas.

In honor of National Sisters Day, British Airways helped them all to meet for the very first time, offering Ann and Lynn flights to London for a family union with a special meaning.

However there was one more surprise in store, as BA flew Mandy out early so she could surprise her siblings on their flight to England! Watch the emotional moment they all met for the first time here:



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IMG: Courtesy of British Airways

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