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While places such as the Eiffel Tower, Burano in Italy, Times Square and the Taj Mahal are Instagram classics, one small village in Indonesia is giving them all a run for their money.

Found in south Semarang in Indonesia, Kampung Pelangi (formerly called Kampung Wonosari) is a small village which has recently undergone a big transformation. Originally seen as a slum, the area is now hoping to become a major tourist attraction after a community project to create a colorful, artistic area to attract visitors.

The initiative to change the face of the area was began by high school principal Slamet Widodo and has received support from the city’s administration which is said to have given around $22,467 to the project.

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As part of the project, 232 houses in the area have been given a rainbow colored makeover so far, with the total target of brightly colored houses set at 385 according to the Jakarta Post.

The result is a beautiful array of brightly painted houses which are 110% Instagrammable – something which is sure to see the area’s popularity with vistiors rise in the coming months.

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