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Instagram is a great place to go to find the ultimate travel inspiration: feeds promoting beautiful locations around the word can be found in seconds, providing some serious fuel for wanderlust. This account might just be one of our favorite travel Instagram accounts not only for its beautiful shots of natural landscapes, but also for its star: Gandalf the traveling cat.  

Originally from South Korea, this adventurous kitty now lives in California with his humans and can most often be found traveling around in search of new experiences. With 2 countries and 9 U.S. states covered so far, this two year old feline has plans to visit much more of the world.

Fortunately for us, he’s sharing his adventures on Instagram so we can follow him on his travels.

According to his blog, his favorite destinations are focused around nature and he also enjoys “camping, fetch, dancing, and sightseeing”.

A photo posted by Gandalf (@ganddygram) on

A photo posted by Gandalf (@ganddygram) on

Gandalf loves exploring the natural environment around him, however he is also a fan of checking out some of America’s iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge.


A photo posted by Gandalf (@ganddygram) on

With over 27,000 Instagram followers so far and plans to move to New Zealand later this year, the future is looking bright for this fluffy feline and his humans.

IMG: ganddygram on Instagram

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