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Ever dreamed of traveling the world, visiting multiple countries and continents in the space of a year? This family of five want you to join them and do just that – travel, expenses and a salary included! 

Family travel bloggers and vloggers Derek and Kenzie, along with their three children, share their daily adventures on their blog and YouTube,  Five Take Flight. They recently made a pretty big announcement: they’re selling their house and embarking on a round the world adventure which is set to take one year.

To help them out along the way, they’re looking for a traveling nanny – someone to travel with them, helping out with the kids and taking care of homeschooling throughout their time on the road.

So what’s included? Accommodation, food, museum and activity fees done as a family, all transport and a number of other costs are covered by Five Take Flight. The successful applicant will also enjoy a monthly salary of $1,200 – 1,500.

You’ll also have 1 – 2 days off per week to yourself, to head out and explore. America, Asia and Europe are all on the itenerary so there’s plenty of exploring to be done!

Interested? Head to the Five Take Flight website for full details and to apply – good luck!

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