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Las Palmas is well known for its urban attractions and spaces; cyclist and street trials pro rider, Danny MacAskill, took on the lines and edges of Gran Canaria’s rooftops in a stunning action packed video.

MacAskill’s latest dare devil stunt sees him ride, grind and trick his way through the beautiful town of Las Palmas, the video captures him doing high risk stunts which they capture through terrifying POV shots.

The town was picked as the setting for his stunt video, which was shot alongside his sponsor GoPro, because of its beautiful weather. The team wanted blue skies and beautiful urban scenery to be the backdrop to the video.

Watch MacAskill’s video below to explore Gran Canaria from a different point of view. And if you’re planning a trip to Gran Canaria, we don’t advise you to stay away from any rooftop hopping bike, or no bike.

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