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Amsterdam has attempted to introduce a new hitchhiking scheme called Yellow Backie as a way to encourage positive interaction between locals and tourists. It’s kind of like couch surfing but on bikes.

The idea is that you shout ‘BACKIE’ whenever they spot a cyclist with a yellow luggage rack on their bike. You then jump on and can travel a short distance sitting on the back of the bike and enjoy conversation with a local.

Since its launch in August, between 100 and 130 people have signed up to be become drivers, and accept passengers free of charge.

In order to be a rider, you have to prove your intentions with a short email explaining your motivation behind wanting to participate. The schemes communications manager, Martin Luyckx, said “We just want to make sure that people are on the same page. We don’t want them to be asking for money for giving a lift. We don’t want to start a little business in luggage racks so we are searching for drivers that are looking to make that connection with tourists,”

With an estimated 880,000 bikes in Amsterdam you will have your pick of riders if this scheme takes off.

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