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Thanks to a new YouTube demonstration from Jim Stickley, a cyber security expert, you can see just how easy it can be to break into a hotel safe.

Stickley uses nothing more than simply tools and household items to crack the safe open in under two minutes, revealing that our most precious items were never as safe as we thought.

Watch the video to see just how easy it is to break into your average hotel safe.

A few tips that will make you more safety savvy:

• Hotel safes provide only a minimum level of security for your valuables.

• Hotel safes are a step above hiding your valuables in your luggage, in a drawer, or in clothing.

• Hotel safes are not recommended for things of great value, importance, or one-of-a-kind items.

• Hotel safes have a limit of liability attached to their use should something of value be stolen.

• When you book your hotel be sure to ask if they other safe services that are more secure.

IMG: rpongsai / Flickr cc.

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