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The travel company, Spies Travel, created a viral ad campaign in 2014 called ‘Do it for Denmark’ encouraging Dane’s to book a holiday in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, and therefore increasing the supposedly ‘low population’.

Their bizarre add gained a lot of attention and caused quite a stir. Clearly not put off by the mixed reaction Spies Travel has hit another slightly inappropriate and unexpected viral ad out of the park.

Only this time the slogan isn’t a national plea; instead it’s a little closer to home. ‘Do it for Denmark’ has been replaced by ‘Do it for your Mom’ …

The concept around the ad is if you’re not going to go on holiday and have sex for Demark, then instead, do it for your Mom. Because – who doesn’t love their Mom right?

The ad pulls at the heart strings of all children that have yet failed to produce children for the grandbaby-obsessed parents. Interestingly, it’s the older generation the ad is targeting, telling them to take this problem into their own hands and help the … ‘process’ along a little.

The advert is not quite the stylish campaign travelers are used to, with great iconic shots of beautiful locations, it’s certain one that you will remember. Watch the video below and let us know if it inspires you to book a flight.

IMG: screenshot from video

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