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Airport cab drivers staged a protest at Newark Liberty Airport on Wednesday in order to demonstrate the need for ride-share companies to have the same rules and regulations as cab drivers.

A group of cab drivers chanted ‘Uber must go’ in a passionate protest against ride-sharing companies like Lyft, and especially the Uber which has gained global popularity in recent years.

Many Communications Workers of America Union and public officials have demanded legislation to make Uber drivers adhere to the same licensing, insurance and background check that cab drivers do.

Cab drivers argue that when a passenger gets into an Uber car they don’t really know who the driver is, with a cab driver they have gone through the necessary checks and have a registered vehicle and number. Cab drivers are also concerned about the amount of money they need to shell out in fees which Uber drivers don’t pay for.

Uber and Lyft have said that their drivers undergo corporate background checks and carry insurance and although it is different to cab drivers the passengers are covered and safe.

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