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Recently Sydney has been appearing on lists of the world’s more expensive cities; however, you can still experience the glamour and chic of Sydney without emptying your wallet.

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See Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House was formally recognized as one of the most outstanding places on Earth. Now listed alongside other universally treasured places such as Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China and the Great Barrier Reef it makes it a must see for visitors who want to experience some jaw dropping sites.

Of course, tickets to the opera are not free (as expected they’re very expensive) but it’s worth visiting the venue to admire its beautiful exterior and take in the groundbreaking architecture and design – or quite simply, take a selfie in front of it.Sydney Opera House

Take a stroll on the Sydney Harbor Bridge

If you’re brave and have $148 to spare you can climb, scale and journey on top of the bridge. However if you’re not great with heights and would rather spend those dollars elsewhere you can take a free stroll across the bridge and enjoy the same iconic views but just at a much safer level.Sydney Harbour Bridge

Relax at the Royal Botanic Gardens

A perfect spot to indulge in a picnic, sit and relax while you take in your beautiful surroundings. After lunch you can take one of the free tours to learn about the history behind the gardens.Rpyal botanic gardens Sydney

Listen to classic music at Conservatorium Wednesdays

Australia’s premier musical training institutions hosts its Lunchbreak special concert during the academic year – free of charge. No booking required just come along and listen to some up and coming musicians.

Eat at Carriage Works Farmer’s Markets

Join the crowds of hip inner Westerns and their dogs at one of the best local produce markets in the state every Saturday 8am – 1pm. Find lovers of all things fresh and all things local, who are passionate about their homegrown food. Perfect way to spend a fresh Saturday morning – right?Carriageworks farmers market

IMG: Sidneiensis, Pavel Sigarteu, swampa, CharlieVdb, andy_tyler / Flickr .cc

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