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If you enjoy your personal space, Yukon may be the destination for you. The size of California, with the population of one square kilometer of Manhattan, it’s safe to say you won’t feel crowded in Yukon.

Explore the wilderness

Practically untouched, Yukon’s wilderness is something to behold and makes up more than 80% of the landscape. Home to ample of stunning northern species like: caribou, wolves, lynx, coyotes, foxes, grizzly bears and millions of migratory birds. Take a walk early morning or at evening when wildlife is most active to spot some of these majestic creatures. In a place where moose outnumber people two to you – you’re almost guaranteed some action. These animals are truly wild and roam free so keep your distance, use your binoculars or telephoto to get a better look of photograph.Yukon bears


Yukon has over 70 canoeable wilderness rivers, exhilarating rivers like the Alsek, Tatshenshini and Firth are made for rafting and those who are in search of some adrenaline. However if you enjoy the water but want to refrain from the rapids, Yukon offers fantastic rivers for fishing and scenic viewing: The Big Salmon, Teslin, and storied Yukon River combine scenery, wildlife viewing, history, fishing and friendlier rapids. If you’re an amateur when it comes to fishing, don’t worry, there’s plenty of guided fishing tours. The guides share local knowledge about the best fishing spots and let you in on the history and heritage behind the waters and sport.ykon rafting

The best show on earth

From Fall to Spring, when darkness takes over the Yukon skies, so do the Northern Lights. One of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomenons, the Northern Lights will captivate you as you watch the colors and dancing lights take over the sky. Book your flights to Whitehorse to witness this spectacle event. Yukon northern lights

IMG: Watson Lake, Ted LaBar, Roger4336, Studiolit / Flickr cc

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